Mothers will consider using breast milk storage bags when they plan to back to work after the maternity leave or when they have plenty of breast milk.

However, what is a qualified breast milk storage bags and how to choose a qualified breast milk storage bags?

There are mounts of breast storage bags in the market. And it is important for every new mom to choose the qualified breast storage bags.

Here are some tips for you when choosing breast storage bags.

1.Environmentally Safe Material

When talking about a qualified breast milk storage bag, an environmentally safe material storage bag comes to the most important one. PET and PE are both environmental material which has got the requirement of relevant standards. Besides, both these two materials ensure their safety when they are heated. They could withstand temperature up to 120-180°, which are suitable for warm milk.

momcozy breast milk storage bags

2.Good Sealing

Good sealing is also a very vital factor when considering storage bags. We use this to preserve breast milk for babies so we must pay great attention to the sealing. If not, breast milk will deteriorate easily which may have a bad impact on the baby’s health.

breast milk storage

3.Clear Measuring Scale

It is convenient for moms to use the breast storage bags with clear measuring scale. They can store and warm the breast milk according to baby’s feeding need without waste.

milk storage bags

Momcozy is committed to supporting new moms on their important motherhood journey. And they also design reliable breast storage milk with below features.

1. Double zip lock design ensures no leak

2.Self-standing design for better pouring

3.Safe material and pre-sterilized feature for better storage

4.Writable label with clear measuring scale for better feeding

how to store breast milk

With all these reliable products, our mommy could put themselves at ease and our babies could grow up healthily.