Love is not just about love, but about: Love our family, love our friends, love the flowers and plants, small animals…

We can be full of love every day, or every day is a day of love.

Regarding love, what do you want to tell your child?

Today, Carol collected 7 picture books depicting love and hopes to share it with you and your children on this special day:

what is love:

LOVE by Matt de la Pena (3-5 years old)

“Love, is the parent who stands at your bed and talks to you and plays with you.








New York Times Bestseller

2018 Amazon 3-5 years-old children’s bestseller

2018 “Time” magazine voted the highest children’s books



what is love?

This award-winning picture book gives the best answer: love can be anything.

Love, when you walk down the street, you hear the song of love coming from the car and smell all the fresh fragrance.



Love is the color of the sky when I go out to play with my family.



Love is the one who is waiting for you…



Love has thousands of forms, hundreds of explanations, and most importantly, love connects us with the world and other people, and is the most powerful bond with others.


What will love does:

“love is” by Diane Adams (2-5 years old)

“Love is when you let go, but it is when you hug more tightly.”

The little girl accidentally picked up a duckling, they had breakfast together, bathed together, played together, and woke up together…


but as the duckling grew older, it began to crave the outside world. The little girl who has taken care of it for a long time is leaving, is the little girl willing?



Some people say that this is a miniature version of the story between parents and children. We grew up with the children but watched the children leave. But the most moving thing about love is that letting go sometimes means deeper love.



Love is about reservations:

Elmore by Holly Hobbie (3-5 years old)

“Your thorns are beautifully, and you should cherish them.

As a porcupine, it is very difficult to make friends. Because of the sharp thorns on his body, other small animals could not stay by his side.




But Elmore needs friendship, he also wants to make friends, he is thinking about how to deal with the thorns on his back.



Uncle tells Elmore that the thorn on your back is a precious existence, and you should cherish him.

What exactly does Elmore have to do to make friends? Is there only one way to establish feelings?



This story tells the children well through a warm story. There is more than one way to build relationships. You don’t need to hate yourself. You just need to find a way.

Because love allows you to embrace a unique side and does not prevent you from building relationships with others.


Love is about hugging:

“Hug machine” by Scott Campbell (3-6 years old)

“The hug robot is always open for business.”

Have you hugged today? Open your arm and prepare for a stupid and sweet story.

Our protagonist is a hug robot, no matter if you are big, small, square, long, or soft, it is worth a good hug.



No matter how hard it is to embrace, the hug robot can find ways to embrace them.



Finally, you have to ask me how to charge the robot? Of course, by hug!



Hug is the most direct, softest, and most reassuring behavior. Of course, love comes with a big hug.


Love is about loving yourself:

Dear girl, Dear boy

By Rosenthal Family (all year)

“Dear girl, look at you in the mirror, thank you for making you unique.”


This is two picture books that the family has done together, no matter which one is full of warm and pertinent suggestions.



As a girl, you are gentle and powerful, you can shine your own light anywhere in the world.

You can enjoy dancing on the table, you can like to step on the puddle. The flaws on your face and body make you unique.



As a boy, you can be loyal to yourself to explore the world, or you can have all kinds of emotions without being shy.

You can be a boy who is both powerful and gentle and believes in magic.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, you can be brave and be yourself.


How to find love:

“Love monster” by Rachel Bright (3-6 years old)

“Love will find you.”


Love monster lives in a small, cute village full of furry. Everyone is very cute, except him. Everyone has someone to love, except him.



But Love monster also wants to find love, and he wants someone to love.

So, he climbed high and climbed down, looked inside and looked out, but he still couldn’t find it.

When I was disheartened, I suddenly met the love I had been searching for…



Sometimes love is hard to find, you may not find it easily, but it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have love.

Because love will always look for you, love will come to knock on your door.


How deep could love been:

“guess how much I love you” by Anita Jeram (3-6 years old)

“I love you from here to the moon, come back.”

The little hare asked Dad: “Guess how much I love you.” And showed his father how much he loved him: “So wide, so high.”

But the big hare dad can be taller and jump higher.



The little hare said that he likes Dad, from here to the moon, but this is only half of the love of the big hare father to the little hare.



it is “love you three thousand times” or “I love you right up to the moon-and back.” we just want to tell us Children, we have always loved you.

At last:

Love is a warm and healing existence. We can not only express love today, but we should give each other a hug every day.