The benefits of the breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a normal thing in daily life, but it is a special gift to babies. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies and meet their needs in the early times, also can help babies improve their physical resistance. And the process of the breastfeeding can deliver the warmth and make the two close. For a new mother, relieve some of the pressure in a way.


What is Colostrum

During the time of baby is born, the first breast milk came from mum’s body. Usually the colostrum shows at a less yellowish color. In fact, the colostrum is composed of fat, sugar and water. As mentioned, it is enough to meet the needs of babies.


Being easily digestible

Breast milk is good for the development of the digestive system, ensure babies being easily digestible. What is more, breast milk is easier to absorb than formula milk powder. To avoid potential problems such as constipation in your baby.


Mom also benefit

When breastfeeding, sucking the breast by the baby will stimulate the contraction of the uterus, which is conducive to the discharge of the lochia and the recovery of the uterus. Also stimulated to secrete hormones that make mums feel better and happy, so reduce the probability of Postpartum Depression.

Most of all, Keep your body in shape and prevent sagging breasts.


Manual vs Pumping

I recommend the type of feeding by breast pump for the following reasons:

#1. Accurate the amount of milk.

You can determine the amount of milk your baby eats every time. Avoid too much for your baby or not enough to eat.

#2. Ensure nutrition.

The pre-milk is generally clear, and the post-milk is relatively thick. Some just eat some milk before, so they will miss the nutrient-rich milk.

#3. Hands free.

Mothers don’t need to stay in the same position for a long time, hands free and enjoy the hand working.

#4.Reduce the pain.

The electric breast pump can put most of the milk out, so reduce the pain caused by milk rise.



A large capacity diaper bag is important when you and your babies are going outside.

With the help of diaper bag, moms can put everything and make a full preparation, not have to worry about hungry crying baby.

By the way, the Momcozy diaper bag is a stylish large capacity bag, which is a diaper bag but don’t look like a diaper bag.


Grateful to mothers!

Although mothers will feel tired and mad by the inconvenience and the troubles causing from babies, they will feel respect and grateful to mothers as they grow up. So am I.