The baby’s bottle will also expire.

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The bottle is an important tool for the baby to eat, and its safety is also crucial. Bottles are not used for long periods of time and must be replaced regularly to ensure safety and hygiene. Many mothers certainly don't know that the bottle also has a shelf life. So, how often should the bottle [...]

Can a newborn baby not be Shaft holding within 3 months?

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In our subconscious mind, the newborn can not Shaft holding without Shaft holding, even if the shooting is hoped that the shorter the better, because when we were promoted to father and mother, the older generation warned us that the newborn was soft. The bones and muscles have not developed well. Try not to Shaft [...]

The role of molar sticks and how to buy baby molar sticks

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Anyone who has been a mother should know that the baby's deciduous teeth are mostly grown between 4-10 months, and slightly later. No matter at which time, in the process of this long tooth, children will like to bite hard things. The molar rods introduced on the market are a good solution to this problem. [...]

Anyone said to feed on demand but when should I feed the baby?

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With regard to breastfeeding, the word “feed on demand” is one of the words that moms hear the most, but novice parents are often troubled by many problems, such as: When should I feed my baby? How long should I feed? Feed one side or two sides? How long is the interval between feedings? When [...]