Dos and Don’ts For Breast Pump Using

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A breast pump may be a necessary item for most of the mums. However, using a breast pump maybe not that easy. It is something that you should learn how to use it in a better and proper way.

In this article, Momcozy shares the Dos and Don’ts about using a breast pump.


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Dos for Using A Breast Pump


1: Do express breast milk entirely every time when using a breast pump. The more the milk you express, the more the milk will be produced in mothers’ If you don’t express the breast milk entirely, the breast milk may become less and less.

It may take a long time to totally expressing your breast milk. Try to look for a comfortable place, listening to soothing music for better pumping.


2: Do apply some ointment or cream to soften your nipple after a breast pumping session. This helps to protect your nipple and make it feel comfortable at the same time.


Donts for Using A Breast Pump


1: Do not totally fill the storage bottle with breast milk. If the storage bottle is totally full of breast milk, the breast milk will overflow at the bottom of the breast pump.

You could also use breast milk bags to store breast milk directly. Momcozy breast milk bags are made with food grade material and they have pre-sterilized so that moms can storage milk directly, no need to sterilize again. Very safe and convenient for storage baby’s food.


2: Do not use the highest level of pumping mode when using an electric breast pump. Otherwise, it is likely to hurt your nipples and make you uncomfortable.

Momcozy electric breast pump is designed with 16 levels of pumping mode, which allow you to adjust the most comfortable mode. You could find the right level for yourself by increasing the breast pump suction gradually until it becomes slightly uncomfortable. And then turn it down a notch for comfort.


3: Do not press the breast shield too hard against your breast when pumping. Pressing too hard would compress your breast tissue and obstruct milk flow. What you should do is to hold the breast shield gently against your breast.


4: Do not worry if there is no breast milk flowing out when pumping. Relax and try again later. If you are painful when pumping, stop pumping immediately. And it is better to consult a doctor for detailed reasons.

There is no need to rust to start pumping for the first time. Take it easy and enjoy this time. You could also use a hands-free pumping bra for easy work. And you can go about your other routine without any inconvenience. That’s why Momcozy is all about mom & baby care. Make mum’s life easy while interesting.


Momcozy breast pump hands-free

Breast pumping session is an important moment for both the mum and baby. Just relax and enjoy it.


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