Improper use of the breast, somethingb you don’t know aout the breast pump.

Many breastfeeding mothers use breast pumps. Although normal breastfeeding does not require a breast pump. Excessive use and improper use can cause damage and harm to the breast. Before we talked about this topic. (“Breastfeeding, don’t have to suck it out”). But when the mother and baby are separated or go to work, or when the baby has no way to eat milk, the mothers will indeed use the breast pump. So, the most critical question is, how do we use it properly to avoid accidentally injuring the breast?

  First of all, we must be clear, what damage will be caused if it is used improperly? When mom finds the following situation, it is necessary to pay attention: The color of the nipple has changed, red and shiny, swollen, and the areola is swollen up like a hill. When pressed down, there will be a noticeable large grainy feeling. Sometimes there will be cracks at the junction of the nipple areola, sometimes the nipple There will be white bubbles on it, and even the mother can find a ring-shaped indentation on the breast, a bruise, a painful or painful feeling in the breast, and some mothers may not even dare to suck the milk again. The result of many problems is that the mother obviously found that the effect of sucking milk is very poor, obviously the breasts are heavy, but the milk can’t come out and so on.

When the mother frequently uses the breast pump and finds these phenomena, it is necessary to be alert to whether the breast pump is wrong.

Precautions for using a breast pump:


The size of the breast cover is correct

The horn of the breast pump is in the shape of a funnel. Under normal circumstances, the nipple will penetrate into the hood pipe. However, if the horn is too small, the tip of the nipple will repeatedly rub on the pipe wall connected to the horn, causing damage and frequent nipples. Stimulation can cause edema. And repeated friction will make the nipple pressure uneven, the milk is not smooth, it is easy to appear white bubble white point; if the horn is too large, in addition to the nipple, even the areola will be sucked into the pipe, repeatedly sucking the areola Soon the areola will also edema.


Suction can’t be too heavy

Some mothers are always worried that the strength of the breast pump is too small. If they feel that they are unable to absorb the milk, they will open the gears particularly, and the nipples will be pulled and stretched excessively. The condition of nipple edema also occurs. When the breast is exposed to high negative pressure for a long time, pain and glandular damage may occur. It may not be felt in a short time, but after the number of breastfeeding is increased, the problem gradually emerges. The damage causes the milk to flow out smoothly, the more it does not come out, the more the suction is increased, and the vicious circle is generated.


Can’t take the breast too long

Another reason is that a single breastfeeding time is too long. Some mothers may be nervous. They always stare at the amount of milk and find it difficult to suck. It takes more than an hour to suck a milk, so the nipple is stretched repeatedly for a long time. It is easy to form edema. There will also be a strange circle that the longer the milk is sucked, which may eventually lead to milk deposition and other consequences.

Therefore, when using the breast pump, mothers must pay special attention to the above three aspects. The speaker cover should be suitable. The suction force is not as large as possible. It is necessary to find a balance between comfort and smooth milking. The better the length, the more you should adjust according to your own situation and let the breasts rest.

What should I do if I have a problem?


Stop first, stop and think about it. If the child is around, if you will milk your hand (which explains the importance of mastering multiple skills), let the child eat well, this is always the priority to solve the problem. . If the number of suctions is small, it is easier to stop and slow down. If you almost completely suck out the bottle, you should try to reduce the number and time of breast pumping. Instead of using the method of hand squeeze, of course, try to let the child return to the breast as much as possible, and try to reduce the unnecessary feeding of the bottle to avoid the trouble. It is also necessary to seek the help of a lactation consultant.


If you can, choose a more suitable cover, the mother’s breast size will be different, the breast milk depth will be different when the child is breastfeeding. Mother should observe the position of the baby’s breasts when it is included. When using the breast pump, let the horn cover be sized to stimulate this position (that is, the position where the baby presses the breast up and down when sucking), and the milk can be sucked out smoothly.


Mothers still need to think about how the way to support the cover when she taking breast milk. Is it too tight and the angle is not suitable? Once oppression occurs, the fluidity of the milk becomes worse, and the efficiency of breast pumping may be affected. The mother needs to consciously switch gears, first stimulate the mode, then take the breast milk mode, then stimulate the breast, stimulate and use the breast milk. The frequency and duration are not the same, and my mother should not blindly squeeze her head. If necessary, you can also manually stimulate the nipple to trigger the breast milk array, drink a large glass of water before sucking milk, gently massage the breast while taking milk, do not feel pain and friction.


Already there is damage, remember to take good care, nipple areola has edema, it is recommended to apply cold, you can use sterile gauze dipped in cold water after boiling to apply cold. 10-15 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day. When the nipple has a crack in the nipple, it is recommended that the mother apply the sheep fat cream after the feeding and use a thick coating method. Or use the medicine as directed by your doctor. If your mother has a painful pain, change it to warm and dry. You can use a hair dryer to blow the nipples through the clothes after feeding. (5-10 minutes each time).


If the mother uses a breast pump and feel that they still have breast milk after taking and breast felt harder and harder, remember not to blindly increase the suction or open the big gear. It is necessary to know that if you increase the gear position under such circumstances, it will cause damage to the breast. Once the damage is formed, there is no way for the milk to be removed smoothly, which will result in a decrease in the amount of milk absorbed. There is a lot of milk in the breast to make the breasts not even and soft and continue to return to the situation that the breast pump is “not sucking clean”. Started an infinite loop. So, for many mothers, don’t worry when you find yourself using a breast pump to “not suck too clean.” The so-called “sucking clean”, most of the time is not a pathological state, in the case of normal feeding, the breast itself does not need to completely “suck clean”, let the baby eat normally is the best solution. Some mothers suck the milk really badly, but the number of sucking is not much, it can make the children eat well, then the mother does not have to worry. If the child does not give force for a while, remember to use hand to take breast milk (really to learn hand squeeze is very important), cold compress, timely seek the help of breastfeeding consultants.