breast pump

We are paying more and more attention to the cleaning of a breast pump because it is in close contact with the breast milk for your baby. In addition, it is difficult to clean it thoroughly. Protein-rich substances themselves are prone to germination and deterioration. However, proper cleaning your breast pump helps to reduce the growth of germs and bacteria.

So how to clean a breast pump in the right way?

Soap water is most commonly used.  When washing milk bottles, we also choose to use soapy water.

The new guidelines for cleaning a breast pump are specifically to operate as follows:

1. Read the Instruction Manual. Read through the instruction manual attached to the breast pump to get methods of cleaning.

2. Wash Your Hands with Soap Water. Make sure your hands clean by washing it with soap water before you wash your breast pump.

3. Soak in Soapy Water for 1 Minute in Advance. Soak the breast pump into the water for 1 minute before you thoroughly clean it. (This help to get the germs and bacteria away.)

4. Rinse with Clear Hot Water. After washing with the soapy water, rinse the breast pump with running water to rinse away the soap.

5.Boil the Parts to Sanitize. Boil every part of the breast pump after rinsing away the soap. We recommend sanitizing all the breast pump parts once each day.

6. Air Dry and Keep It in a Clean Storage. Air dry all the parts after boiling. Please remember don’t dry it with a towel which may transfer germs onto the breast pump.

We need to make it clear that mothers must not soak their breast pump in soapy water for hours, which will not thoroughly clean the breast pump but will stimulate bacterial growth. And it is more than important to clean the breast pump correctly in consideration of both the health of mothers and babies.

We sincerely hope every mother could get the right methods of cleaning a breast pump.