A Long-distance Trip

Autumn is landing to most countries recently, some areas even snowing last week, it is perfect time to travel with kids to show them the world outside. From the FUR, Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen, database, it points out that European family with kids under 5 prefer to travel to German coasts or to Spain, Italy, and Turkey. Since America is the Third largest Country in the world, it seems like that there is no need to travel abroad for a long distance trip. But the problem is HOW to travel with a toddler or baby and Where to go.

A Long-distance Trip

Traveling with kids need more preparatory work and patient, especially with kids that were still learning how to express their feeling in a proper way and time. But all these challenges is not the excuse to stop kids from learning from the wild world. Flying has become so easy and comfortable since the flight hours are straight around.

travel destinations before your first vacation trip.

   Watching movies, running around, sleeping, playing – everything is now possible on the plane, not least thanks to the good offer of airlines for children, so why not a little further away? South America? Africa? Or even Asia? In addition, many far-off countries now offer very good infrastructure, a modern health system, and high security – that is something you should definitely focus on when planning your trip. No matter where you travel, it is advisable to see the pediatrician who can tell you about your health situation and other special vaccine or behavioral tips that are appropriate for certain travel destinations before your first vacation trip.

Places to go:

USA, eg Orlando

UAE, eg Dubai


Dominican Republic


Germany, eg German North Sea and Baltic Sea

Netherlands, eg Katwijk and Noordwijk

Denmark, eg Römö

Italy, eg Lake Garda

Greek islands

Portugal, eg Algarve

Long-haul destinations

Thailand’s islands

Tip: For traveling abroad families, a travel authorization is important to apply before landing.

A Long-distance Trip

Holidays with children can be expensive. It depends not only on where you want to go but also on which tour operator you book and what you have claimed to the hotel. Many tour operators offer special offers for family vacations where you only pay a small fee if your child sleeps in your room. For others, the offspring travel free for two years, and for others, you have to pay the full price. If you book your trip on the Internet, you should get by entering the number of people and the age directly the due price, less the children’s discount. Comparing prices that offered by different tour operators and each every single detail will help you make the final decision.

Tips for parents

Schedule the flight time to coincide with nap or bedtime

A Long-distance Trip

The best situation of traveling with the baby is that your kids sleep for much of the flight. To reach that goal, parents can book the flight that coincides with sleep or nap time.

Choose seats strategically

A Long-distance Trip

Infants under two years old can fly for free if they sit on an adult’s lap. That said, if you can afford the extra airfare, it might be worth it to buy your baby his own seat. (You can bring an infant car seat on board and strap your baby into the seat.)

If, however, you don’t want to shell out the money for another seat, then better to find the seat with extra space, sometimes, you can pay a little bit extra to sit at the front seats of the economy, which frees your legs and luggage with more spaces.

A Long-distance Trip

For long-haul flights, most airlines offer bassinets that hook into the wall in front of the bulkhead seat—this is the most ideal option, after getting a seat for your baby. Call the airline before booking tickets to see if the bassinet is available. Also, check with services if you can ring a stroller or baby carrier with you to free your hands up while flying.

Be prepared for the flight

Long-Distance Trip

Take enough cloth, diapers, wipes, and food with you to make sure you are ready for any unexpected situations. Meanwhile, also bring enough toys, maybe the one that your kids love the most, books, bottle and pacifier. Takeoff and landing will be the toughest time for kids, bottle or pacifier will clam them down and distract the baby if she starts to melt down.

Be courteous to the other passengers on the plane

Long-Distance Trip

Some parents apologize to fellow passengers in advance, while others even offer gift bags with earplugs and candy to passengers, which is a nice gesture.