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Automatic Electric Double Breast Pump – New Version Momcozy

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  • AUTOMATIC MODE – It begins with the massage mode, which helps to stimulate breast milk secretion and gradually switches to pumping mode. It allows moms to go about their routine and makes breast pump an enjoyment.
  • 16 LEVELS AND MEMORY FUNCTION – Easily adjust the pump level of the breast pump. It is adjustable from levels 1-16. With the memory function your patterns will be remembered, making it more convenient for you to pump.
  • SUPER QUIET – With solid material, the noise of motor is controlled under 50dB. It is slightly louder than a whisper and we know that your baby needs an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep.
  • MEDICAL-GRADE MATERIAL & ANTI-BACKFLOW DESIGN – Built with 100% BPA free medical-grade material. The inner valve has an anti-backflow design, protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh. Health and safety guaranteed.
  • BATTERY, USB RECHARGEABLE AND SMART TOUCH SCREEN – Built-in battery and USB cable included. It allows you to use and charge the device with any chargers, computers, or powerbanks at anytime, anywhere.

Momcozy® Automatic Electric Breast Pump

Momcozy, We focus on mom & baby care.
Everything we do, we wish to achieve a goal that moms can raise their baby in a more comfortable way. With the mission to help moms enjoy every moment with their babies, product with quality and good design is our first concern.
Just to be a cozy mom

Helps Nursing Moms Multitask While Pumping
Momcozy Electric Breast Pump gives nursing mothers the freedom to go about their routine while pumping. If multitasking is not needed yet it gives a relief of hands-free pumping to mothers.

Innovative Touch Design
All buttons are in sensitive touch design. Simply put your finger on it and it will immediately respond.
Note: To avoid the unit being turned on accidently, you will need to put your finger on the power button for 2 seconds to activate the device.

What’s in the box:
1 x Momcozy Electric Double Breast Pump;
2 x Momcozy Milk Bottle with Cap;
1 x USB Cable;
1 x User Manual.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 18 cm

13 reviews for Automatic Electric Double Breast Pump – New Version Momcozy

  1. Twin Momma

    Based on my first week of using this pump, it is epic… amazing… a game changer. This morning after feeding my baby, I pumped another 4+ oz (I usually only get 2oz) It wasn’t painful, noisy, or time consuming

  2. Jennifer Flaherty

    Our daughter was born 7 weeks prematurely. As a result, my wife was going to 100% breastfeed if her body allowed it. Whether you are first time parent or a seasoned vet, it’s rather scary to see your child so small and so frail with many unknowns. Unfortunately, our little angel had trouble latching on. My wife’s team of lactation consultants tried many different angles and attempts to get her to latch, but at the end- our precious little preemie was one that preferred the instant gratification of a bottle. Luckily, my wife was able to express and we are taking it as a blessing.

  3. Jewelbelle99

    Very easy to pack up and travel. I carry it back and forth to the hospital every day. It is lightweight and fits in my pump bag with tons of room to spare.

  4. Jessica Forrest

    The parts are 10 times easier to wash than Medela parts. 

  5. Tina J

    Many women I’ve heard go from pumping a scant amount to a ton with this thing. While that hasn’t been my experience, I certainly can say that it works to pump a good amount. And it’s pretty comfortable for the power pumping sessions I do every day.

  6. Jessica Stevens

    I used this pump for the first time just now, and in 12 minutes I got 6 oz. Not only that, but it was so quiet! The baby was sleeping next to me and it didn’t disturb him at all. My husband didn’t even realize I’d turned it on. It also didn’t hurt my breast or leave my nipples looking stretched out. I am so happy right now, because I was really not looking forward to pumping again, but this pump will make it an easier and more pleasant experience.

  7. Anna

    Super quiet.Powerful, hospital grade.Effective – I’ve produced more in one evening with that than I usually do in a day.

  8. Wilbourn

    I love this pump as much as anyone can love a pump. I 100% recommend this over the Medela

  9. Shye Marshall

    I get ONE whole precious hour back in my day because of this pump!! Its quiet and comfortable. I had no idea pumping could be an enjoyable experience until i tried this pump.

  10. Emily CTop

    I didn’t expect to use my pump terribly frequently since I work part time but like many things involving babies my plans and reality weren’t the same. Due to a medical condition my daughter cannot breastfeed so pumping is the only way to give her breast milk.

  11. C. Fair

    I’m loving this pump. For the past 10 months I’ve been using the Medela PISA and have always been able to produce enough. It’s loud and uncomfortable. On the recommendation of a friend I decided to try out the momcozy. Amazing. It’s so quiet. It’s so different. The pump feel is more of a quivering suck and more closely mimics the suck of my baby.

  12. Mary Worcester

    My son is 5 months old and I went back to working full time when he was 7 weeks old. He is exclusively breastfed & I pump 3 times while I am away from him at work. I was previously using the Momcozy Pump and I always felt like I couldn’t get my settings or accessories right.

  13. Alexandra Mavris

    Saw us through our first child, and still works in case we need it for a second. It works the same as any hospital-grade pump, so no milk actually goes into the machine, and you can safely use it later or sell it, etc.

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