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OLA Hands-Free Front Zipper Cotton Pumping & Nursing Bra


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  • HANDS FREE PUMPING & NURSING BRA (Patent Protected Design): It can be used for breastfeeding, pumping or both together. It’s a perfect choice for working moms.
  • BREATHABLE COTTON MATERIALS: 73% cotton, 17% polyamide, 10% elastance. Upgraded soft cotton material makes it softer, skin-friendly & flexible. You can wear it all day long and allows you to go about your normal routine.
  • “X” STRUCTURE & DRAPE DESIGN: The X structure is designed to hold the bottles and shield in placed securely and comfortably, front drape designed ensure that you’ll never look strange under the clothes.
  • FRONT ZIPPER & ONE-STEP NURSING CLIP: Front zipper design for easy wear and take off, zipper cover make sure your chest won’t be hurt. One-hand access, easy drop cups for convenient feeding and protect your privacy.
  • FIT ALL PUMPS: Momcozy hands-free pumping and nursing bra suitable for breast pumps like Medela, Lansinoh, Philips Avent, Spectra and Evenflo, Ameda, etc.


♥♥♥Momcozy Upgraded Soft Cotton with Zipper Pumping & Nursing Bra, Suitable for Breast Pumps like Spectra, Medela, Lansinoh, Philips Avent, Evenflo, Ameda♥♥♥


 Helps Nursing Moms Multitask While Pumping

Momcozy breast-pump bra gives breastfeeding mothers the freedom to go about their routine while pumping. If multitasking is not needed yet it gives a relief of hands-free pumping to mothers.


The Nursing & Pumping Bra

Combining nursing bra and pumping bra, this bra can be used for breast feeding and pumping, it’s the bra to solve all problems.


 “X” Structure & Front Drape Design 

The innovative “X” structure is designed to hold the bottles and shield in place securely and comfortably. Front drape design ensures that it won’t be awkward wearing it all day long, and eliminates the trouble changing bra for pumping.

This breast-pump bra has an innovative design. Every detail was thought through with nursing mothers in mind. This bra is not only functional and but also stylish and affordable. It is an item which every nursing mother should possess.


 Fit All Pumps

Momcozy hands-free pumping and nursing bra suitable for breast pumps like Medela, Lansinoh, Philips Avent, Spectra , Evenflo, Ameda,etc.



1 x Momcozy Breast Pump Bra



Breast Pump is not included.



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35 reviews for OLA Hands-Free Front Zipper Cotton Pumping & Nursing Bra

  1. Zoe1

    It’s comfortable and works better than higher priced competitors ( competitors caused my milk to leak all over me ugh! ) this one does not and fits better

  2. Hel

    I use this bra on my work days so that I can nurse in the morning and when I get home and use the pumping holes during the work day . Fits good. Comfortable. No padding what so ever. So depending on what you wear to work that could be an issue ..unless you wear nursing pads. I wear scrubs and it’s fine

  3. Virginia Strickland

    I love this pumping bra! It looks good under clothing (unlike some other brands) and it holds the pump flanges securely (I tried it with two different types of flanges and it held them both well), even with bottles full of milk. It’s super comfortable and very easy to nurse in as well! I wish they made one in Nude or white because then I would replace all my other ones!

  4. Brandy O’Rourke

    I bought this because my daughter is sleeping longer at night, and I am pumping more often… it is a game changer! Super easy to use, and actually holds the flanges in place!

  5. stefanie jylkka

    Yay! Finally a hands-free option that actually works and is comfortable. I’ve been using a super uncomfortable bra to pump. I struggled to get the flanges in and they always pinched. I had to take off my bra to put that stupid thing on. This is so much easiser! It clips to my nursing bra or tank and the flanges slip in so easily. No pinching. No pain.

  6. Eva Ryan

    This a a great pumping bra! It is comfortable for everyday wear, the cross back gives good support & the handsfree ability of this bra is awesome. Definitely recommend this to pumping mamas!

  7. Blanket24

    I bought this about 6 months ago, been using every single day at work. So easy to use and it clips to all of my nursing bras and my nursing cami’s

  8. Jennifer

    Back snap area is a little scratchy, but I was able to soak in softener and it feels fine now- definitely good quality for the money- I needed a pumping bra I could wear all day to work – the bulky sports bra ones weren’t cutting it, as they limited the styles of shirts I could wear to work – THIS one is much lighter and supportive

  9. PepperyHarpy

    It fits great and came with an extender, which I did not need. I bought these so that I could pump at work and actually work while pumping.

  10. Lucy West1

    Wish I had this for my first two pregnancies. Easy to put on and washes up nicely. Clips perfectly to the 3 pack of bras I bought on here.

  11. Betty222

    Very easy to use! Much more convenient to put on and get setup in comparison to more expensive name brand bustiers although it does require you to be wearing an actual nursing bra as well. No need to squeeze pump parts through a small hole! Easier to be more discrete while pumping. It doesn’t quite fit Target brand nursing bra clips perfectly, but they work pretty well without any frustration.

  12. Funny Sam

    I looooove this bra! I got one and came back to buy 2 more. I always leak so much milk from the breast that is not “in use”. I love how this bra lets me pump while breastfeeding, saving me so much time. I can pump and still have both hands free to cuddle with breastfeeding baby. It also is quite comfortable and looks good enough that i can wear any top that I want and if it shows it looks like a top that I’m wearing under my clothes.

  13. KarryBetty

    I’ve used this once so far. And I already like it better than the 2 I used before. 

  14. TJ. Smith

    Easy to use, feel soft and comfortable, nice!!

  15. MGY

    This bra is convenient on so many levels and makes a new moms life so much easier. It is hands free and I can continue on with what I’m doing while pumping at the same time. As a new mom I’m all about convenience and this is the first bra I’ve found where I’m not stuck holding a pimp while trying to adjust my clothing around it leaving me with no hands to do anything else until I’m done pumping.

  16. Jennydeep

    This was the most amazing bra, out of everything post-partum that made my life the easiest, it un buckled to breastfeed and in between feedings just slid the cups in and pumped. Makes all the difference with all that’s going on in the hospital and the first days at home. I would recommend this to every expecting mother I know!

  17. Daniel

    So I was using the strapless pink bra that zips on the front and has to be taken on and off for pumping as not comfortable to wear. However, this bra changes all that. It’s super comfortable to wear, really easy to slide the flanges in when time to pump, hold them in place really well and then slide them out. also great for directly nursing the baby too. I actually pump about once more a day now as it’s so easy and I’m not dreading pumping.

  18. TaylorCurry

    This is a great hands free pumping bra. I’m currently on my maiden voyage with it and here I am, with two hands, typing a product review. The flanges of my Spectra pump fit snug and I havent had to readjust at all. All of the straps are comfortable and it comes with a band extender in case I need a few extra inches.

  19. AngelaB

    I’ve found this bra very convenient. I had bought another hands free nursing bra but it had no real support and so was not good as a bra by itself. Having to wear one bra to work and then change into that bra to pump milk was just too much work for me so I never used it.

  20. Jonathan Bolick

    After a few weeks of pumping I got so tired of having to put on my Simple Wishes pumping bra (which is a great bra but its just another step I wanted to eliminate) so I was pleased to find a bra that works for both nursing and pumping

  21. Jane Forest

    Best hands free ever, offers lots of coverage, fits comfortably and you don’t have to take your bra off or wear a pumping bra all day! Also offers good support while you pump and works for busty ladies!!

  22. Julie Rogers

    I found it really easy to fit the pump in the spots of the bra, and they stayed well for pumping.

  23. Amanda

    I thought it was a pumping bra but it’s just a part of it. Cannot use it alone but if you have a nursing bra to attach to it then it works great. They have wonderful customer service and also have a pumping bra that have straps if you don’t want to clip it to nursing bra.

  24. drinkmoremilk123

    I love this nursing bra, it holds the pump securely in place and is super easy to hook and unhook. I recommend sizing up.

  25. Ashley Conley

    So glad I went with this bra. I use it at work twice a day. I can unclip and pull down the front of my nursing bra and clip this over the top. Tip: if you wear a camisole or stretchy tank top under your shirt you can put this over that too and just pull down the top of the tank with the nursing bra.

  26. kittycatkitty

    Love this bra, I wear nursing bras to work and just clip it right to my nursing bra or tank (let the straps attached hang down) and hook it around my shirt in the back. I like how the slits open to put the flange in and is quick and easier than my other brand. The strings hang down since I don’t use them but it doesn’t bother me sitting at my desk at work since I can’t get up attached to the pump anyways. Highly recommend.

  27. ASpartan

    This bra is amazing! I wish I had invested in something like this with my first born. I am a J cup while breastfeeding, and while it’s not the most flattering bra for my breastsize I’m super impressed it fit. The fact that it actually has straps, AND doubles a nursing bra is a no brainer. You can also adjust the straps to be racer back or normal. Stop waiting and order now. I’m ordering another one today I’m very happy with my purchase.

  28. Asm Dan

    Easy to use, soft fabric, not the most flattering under clothes but very functional

  29. Alice Larson

    After weeks of pumping without a pumping bra I broken down and finally ordered this and wow! So comfortable (so I don’t mind wearing all day) and easy to use. Made pumping so much easier when I could use my hands too

  30. Cherryy11

    I like the bra because it allows me to pump hands free. It is comfortable to wear even when sleeping. The spandex has held up even after several washes. I would buy this bra again in the future.

  31. Lilymama

    Best investment I’ve made. To be hands free is so nice. I even type this as I pump. The only thing I don’t like is the comfort of it when you aren’t pumping. It’s like the creases of the sides meet together right over the nipples which rubs and cause discomfort. But other than that I highly recommended if you don’t mind changing your bra for every pump.

  32. Keva

    This bra held the cups in a higher place instead of pulling the nipple down. Very hands off with a sturdy grip. It was slightly hard to get the flange in and out of the opening at first because of the angle but once you figure out how to manuever it, it liked it better than my other one purchased from the maternity store.

  33. Smartgirl0627

    Enough support that you don’t need to adjust continuously. Truly handsfree. Life saver! Love it!

  34. Chanell Tague

    Great for pumping and nursing. Comfortable and easy to use. Like it so much I ordered another. great for every day wear!! I wear it to work and it saves time that I dont have to change into a pumping bra!!!

  35. Nichole

    I really like this bra, especially for the first few weeks of having a baby. Its super soft, super comfortable and just makes life easier. I recommend this bra if you want to snuggle with your baby and just be comfortable ! Great product!

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