=Newborn Care=

1.The normal neonatal body temperatureis between 36.5 ° C and 37.5 ° C.

2.The numberof normal newborns is 40~45 beats/min.

3.Normal neonatal heart rhythm fluctuations generally 100 ~ 140 beats / min.

4.The newborn can sleepquietly for more than 90 minutes / time, weightgain of 30 ~ 50 grams / day, the first month to increase the weight of more than 600 grams (600g ~ 1500g) is normal. If the growth rate is slow, it is recommended that the mother be properly formulated for the newborn.

5.The number ofneonatal stools isgenerally about 8 times a day.



(1) Breastfeeding: the number of stools per day is about 8 times, which is golden yellow paste, thin paste, not formed. The numbers of urination per day is about 10 times.

(2) Mixed feeding: the number of stools per day is about 2~6 times, it is light yellow soft strip, and the frequencies of urination is about 8 times per day.

(3) Artificial feeding: the urination is compared with mixed feeding.

6.The full-term birth of newborns 1 to 2 weeks is the average amount of milkis 60 ~ 90 ml each time, 3 ~ 4 weeks, each time 90ml ~ 120ml.

7.The time for the newborn to breastfeedis 15 to 20 minutes.

8.After 12 hours of birth, the dystocia can be inoculated with BCGafter 48 hours of birth.

9.The newborn room temperatureshould be maintained at 22 ° C ~ 26 ° C.

10.Newborn bathshould be carried out 30 minutes to 1 hour after feeding, water temperature is 38 ° C ~ 40 ° C, the time should be 10 ~ 15 minutes. A special shower gel can be used for the body during bathing, and baby soap can also be used.



11.The time of neonatal umbilical cord sheddingis 7 to 14 days, before the umbilical cord of the newborn and after bathing should be wiped 2-3 times with a 75% or 90% concentration of medical alcoholswabs.

12.The temperature of the formula milk powder is 45°C~50°C, and the boilingtime of milk bottles is 10~15 minutes.

13.Infants and young children can be guided to drinkwith a cup after 6 months.

14.When the newborn is touching, the room temperatureshould be about 26 °C. Repeat 4-8 claps for each action. All actions should be completed within 10 minutes and do 1-2 times per day.

15.Newborn passive exercisesRepeat 4-8 claps for each action. The whole process should not exceed 15 minutes and do 1-2 times a day. Passively lift your legs and hold the baby’s calves up to 90° to the body.

16.During visual training, you can hang some colorful toys and pictures at a distance of 20 cm above the crib. It is not advisable to give the baby audio-visual stimulation twice a day, about 20 minutes each time.



17.Most of the neonatal physiological jaundiceappeared 2-3 days after birth, about 7 days is the peak period, about 14 days subsided.

18.Beforeusing the thermometer to give the newborn a body temperature, the thermometer should be simmered to below 35 °C. To measure the body temperature of the newborn, the thermometer should be placed at the end of the baby’s armpit and clamped to the thermometer for about 5 minutes.

19.The newborn in the month to use diapers asmuch as possible, choosing the diapers with better breathability and usually 2-3 hours to replace.

20.Newborns with mild hip redshould be more exposed to the buttocks, 2-3 times per day, each time about 10 minutes. Apply a tannin ointment after each exposure.

21.Newborn clothes, bedding should be washed separately, washed and placed in the sun for about 1 hour to degassing.



=Maternity Care=

1.The mother should consume about 3,000 caloriesper day during the confinement period.

2.Maternal month meal6 meals a day.

3.The maternal pulseis slow, about 60~70 beats/min.

4.Maternal breathing ismostly slow, about 14 ~ 16 times / min.

5.Maternal bathat room temperature should be adjusted to about 26 ℃ -28 ℃. Maternal bathing water temperature should be 39 ° C -41 ° C is appropriate, maternal bath once a day.

6.Brush your teeth1 to 2 times a day, you can use a soft toothbrush to gently brush.

7.Often combing hair, washing your hair, washing your feet, cleaning the perineum, changing underwear frequently, keeping your body clean.

8.Take a shower to shower is appropriate, the time is 6 minutes. Birth 2–3 days after Caesarean section stitches after two days. Room temperature is about 25 ° C (summer), winter is about 35 ° C. Water temperature is 45 ° C.



9.The mother who gave birth normally went out of bed the next day. Get rid of 3 to 4 days of caesarean section, proper activities and reasonable exercise will help the mother to recover. But to avoid the work of squatting and increasing abdominal pressure.
10.Stomach relaxation: abdomen belt for the postpartum relaxation of the abdominal muscles physiological recovery, maintain body shape, can play an excellent help. The maternal waist should not be too tight. Caesarean section, which usually covers the abdomen with a belly band within seven days after surgery, is a need to promote wound healing. However, it is not advisable to use the 11.Maternal physical exertion during childbirth, often feel thirsty after childbirth, so drink some brown sugar water and eat thin, soft, light semi-liquid food is better, 24 hours later can return to normal diet.
12. The new mother just because of the birth of a small baby, but also to breastfeeding, so the correct care of the breast is particularly important, postpartum female sleeping posture should be correct, supine is better.
13. When feeding your child for the first time, you should first wipe the nipple clean. Wash your hands before each feeding. Wash the nipple after breastfeeding and treat it if it is damaged.

14. day after childbirth, the amount of lochiais more, the color is darker then the color turns to lighter, the amount is less, after 10 days it is pale yellow, usually disappears in 4-6 weeks; if the lochia has big blood clots, stench or blood Medical staff should be notified immediately if abnormalities such as outflow occur.

15.In general, maternity pads one is enough. It is recommended to buy a package of maternity care pads, and then buy a few bags of commonly used sanitary napkins, because they can be used in the month.



16. The elderly mothers are very weak after childbirth, must eat some blood food, but cannot eat red ginseng and other large supplements, in order to prevent the virtual is not to make up. More suitable for longans, black chicken and other warming things.
17. Breast pain: use 4 egg yolk plus a lot of salt, and thick, avoid the nipple and areola, apply on the breast, apply for 5 hours to wash off, breast agglomeration can be opened some, then Feeding the child, sucking with a breast pump, it took about 3 days (once a day), it is completely good.



18. Doing the ideological work of relatives and friends in advance, and visit the postpartum to visit, should allow the maternal to rest fully, and reduce the chance of infection, virus infection.
19. Hard to have breast milk: light soup is not enough, but also need to drink more water, glutinous eggs are delicious and milk. The water in the fruit is also very rich. If you are afraid of the coldness of the fruit, you can cook it hot or cook it.
20. Wake up in the morning, the fingers are numb and weak: use ginger plus longans shell to boil water to soak hands, the effect is very good, often the fingers of numbness can be used.
21. After the birth of the baby sweating more: “virtual heat” performance, do not covet the moment to comfort yourself and let the cold, especially pay attention to the waist to keep warm.
22. Nipple splitting: apply linseed oil on the nipple, so even if eaten by the baby is very safe, and effective, two or three days will be fine.