Super detailed baby care knowledge, worthy of all novice Moms collection!

Many new mothers will be helpless after giving birth to a baby. In order to let the new mother better meet the baby’s arrival, I had arranged some baby’s nursing methods here, and needs to hurry to collect.

1.If your baby is asleep while feeding, you can wake up by touching your ears or your feet.


2.the newborn’s umbilical cord can be washed with 75% medical alcohol, bath does not need a special umbilical paste, only special treatment is needed when suppuration.


3.When the baby is wearing gloves, the mothers should cut off the thread inside and outside the glove in advance, so as to prevent the fingers from being entangled in the thread and causing blood flow.


4. the best time to take a bath at noon or the highest temperature throughout the day, but if the baby is asleep, still do not bathe well.


After bathing, pay attention to dry the skin, wrinkles, groin and other skin folds.


5.when the red ass, it is best to wash with warm water after each stool and dry the water, you can apply some sesame oil or tea oil, and when there is red butt or scorpion, you should use the corresponding care products, can not blindly Use talcum powder, after all, the powder is easy to inhale and affects health.


6.When wearing clothes, in order not to let the baby’s fingers get stuck in the clothes, the mothers should put their hands out of the grapefruit mouth, grab the baby’s five fingers and pull them out.


7. when the weather is cold, do not blindly wear clothes for the baby, so easy to understand the disease, you can refer to the mother to come, can wear more than the mother, if you are afraid of the baby frozen, you can follow the cold behind the baby’s neck Heat to judge.


8.When soaking milk powder, add water first, then add milk powder; when drinking milk powder, the last bite can choose not to drink, because at this time the air in the bottle is more, it is easy to inhale air and cause flatulence; after drinking, mother should Use the empty palm to sweep the baby’s back from the bottom up, so that the air that the baby eats can be discharged.


9.When changing diapers (especially male babies), while opening the old diapers, you can cover the genitals with the absorbent surface of the new diapers, so as to prevent the baby from suddenly urinating. Similarly, when cleaning the stool, put them first. The new diaper is then withdrawn from the diaper so as not to be pulled.


10.when cleaning the newborn’s nose, you can use a wet cotton swab to gently clean around the nostrils, but do not go deep


11.Newborns can’t use pillows. The head shape can be adjusted through the side sleeping direction. When you don’t sleep, you can squat more. It is usually half an hour after breastfeeding. This can also help relieve the newborn’s stomach. Comfortable


12. many people will feel shaved hair, in fact, this is wrong, newborn skin is very delicate, it is easy to hurt the skin, so it is not recommended to shave


13.When your baby has eczema, try to choose a moisturizer or cream instead of a lotion because the water content of the cream or cream is low. It can better protect the skin. When rubbing the eczema cream or cream, moisturize the skin and then apply it.


14.When the weather is hot, you can turn on the air conditioner, but as long as you don’t blow the baby directly or the mother of the month


15.If your baby’s stomach is uncomfortable or flatulent, you can use a clockwise soft stomach for half an hour after breastfeeding.


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