Its the hardest time for moms during one year after childbirth, but you can’t ignore to recover in time. In Chinese, mothers have traditionally been expected to rest indoors for one full month for rest after giving birth, its called “sitting the month” .there is an old saying that in confinement if you don’t take care of your body you will fall ill. After giving birth to a baby, a woman’s body is very weak and vulnerable to disease. Mothers also have a hard time when they In “sitting the month”, as the baby cries day and night, then mothers unable to get a full night’s sleep. today Dr.Lan teach you some practical experience, which hopefully will be useful to novice mothers.

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1, The baby’s bath

Prepare in advance what you will need to bathe your baby


2, Use baby shower gel once a week

Baby’s cuticle is thin, do not use too much body wash, can wash with water every day, use baby’s special shower gel 1-2 times a week


3, Don’t take your baby’s clothes off first while getting ready for the shower

Put the baby in the water then take off the baby’s clothes. This will prevent the baby from getting unease and you can talk gently to the baby at the same time, making the baby less nervous


4, Use a bath towel with a hat

As far as possible keeping warm, such a bath towel is very appropriate, can maximize the role of keeping warm.


To amuse baby

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1, burst into tears

Don’t pick up the baby or shake him, you should hold the baby in your arms.when baby is crying maybe he is insecure, so you should hold the baby with your warm embrace can timely comfort the baby.


2, they make some noises when sleeping


Babies sometimes cry and scream, not because they’re hungry, they’re just letting off steam. Let the baby be quiet for a while, don’t nursing him in a hurry.

Mother article

puerperal sweating

This is the typical performance of false heat, must pay attention to keep warm, especially the waist, Don’t let yourself get cold just for the sake of a moment’s coolness

Numbness and weakness of fingers

Many novice moms wake up in the morning suffering from numbness fingers. There is a good method, that is to boil water with ginger and cinnamon shells to soak their hands


3, it’s hard to get breast-milk

Should drink more soup, drink more warm water and eat more fruit. If you fear of the fruit is cold, you can put it into warm water or boil it before eating.


4, breast distending pain

With 4 egg yolk and a large number of salt attuned thick, apply in the breast, pay attention to avoid areola and nipples suggest 1 time a day, Continue to apply for 5 hours and then wash out the lump will improve. After that, you can breastfeed the baby as usual. Then use the pump to empty the breast. Usually, after 3 days you will be fine. Using Momcozy Breast Pump which could help you get rid of the breast troubles!

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5, The tummy gets flabby

Postpartum tummy flabby is inevitable, you can use tools such as abdominal bandages to help your body recover after giving birth. Be sure to choose a breathable gauze and tie the abdomen in the right way while still using the pregnant woman’s massage oil during pregnancy to help restore the elasticity of the skin.


6,.cracked nipple

Take appropriate amount of camellia oil daub, recovery effective will be fine after 2 or 3 days .even if the baby eats into the stomach is not a problem.

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