A breast pump is a necessity for some mothers. When they have extra breastmilk or their babies could not such the breastmilk directly, a breast pump becomes a helper. However, there is something basic for mothers to know when they use the breast pump.

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Preparation Work Before Using A Breast Pump:

  1. Before sucking, warm the breast and nipples with a disinfected towel and massage the areola, so as to make the breast fully extend.
  2. Sterilize all components of the breast pump, wash it with neutral detergent, and then put it into a steam disinfector to disinfect or boil it in boiling water for five minutes. Then assemble it correctly for use.
  3. Wash hands and clean the breasts. Gently squeeze out a little milk from each breast to make sure it is not blocked.
  4. Sit on the chair in a comfortable position. Put a pillow on the back and lean the body forward.

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Accurate Method of Using A Breast pump

(1) Adjustment Position

Open the breast pump. Aim nipples at the center of the breast pump, press the funnel and massage pad of the breast pump tightly on the breast so as to prevent air leakage, leading to insufficient suction.


(2) Breast Suction

Suck the breast with a relatively comfortable force.

Note: The suction of the breast pump can make the breast milk flow out smoothly without reaching the maximum level. As long as you feel comfortable, it is ok.


(3) Control The Time Well

Generally speaking, it will take 10 minutes to extrude 60-125 ml of breastmilk. However, each person’s situation is different and it caused different sucking details.

If the breast milk squeezed out is more than 125 ml at a time, then please use a larger bottle.

Note: If it cannot suck out breastmilk, do not keep squeezing with the breast pump for more than 5 minutes. Try again at another time, so as to avoid hurting the breast.


(4) Milk Storage

When the suction is finished, remove the breast pump, get off the bottle at the same time. You could store the breastmilk in a storage bag to avoid bacterium and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration or freezing storage. When it is time for baby to have milk, warm it up with warm water.

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